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For people with disabilities just getting in and out of a parked car or travelling the distance from the car to their destination can be very difficult, sometimes impossible. Unfortunately an able-bodied driver parking in spaces reserved for people with disabilities is a far too common sight.

This selfishness has many implications for those with disabilities, often unperceivable to the able bodied.

This facility has been provided because it is essential for ALL disabled drivers; particularly those with mobility problems.

Disabled drivers in the UK have had enough!

– We want it to be illegal for an able bodied person to park their car in a space reserved for those with disabilities, irrelevant of where the space is located.

– We wish for this to be extended to members of the emergency services who are also guilty of abusing this provision. Emergency service vehicles should have their own clearly marked out area, separate from other parking spaces.

– We propose an on the spot £50 fine for those that abuse this necessary facility, increasing to £100 for repeat offenders, also leading to points on the drivers licence. (Ideally 50% of the fine should go to local disabled charities).

– We are also calling for a ban on spaces that are allocated for disabled drivers being used for storage, skips, smoking areas, and so on. An on the spot £1000 fine for companies or authorities ignoring this ruling. (Ideally 75% of this should go to local disabled charities).

– We are also calling for more disabled spaces and improved facilities where these are limited or in poor condition.

– We are also calling for a body of qualified individuals to work in conjunction with disabled groups on a national basis in order to communicate the requirements of disabled drivers with car park owners, to understand the daily challenges disabled drivers face.

Whether you are able bodied or disabled, YOU can make a real difference to a disabled driver somewhere in the UK by ensuring this selfishness is properly punished.

Please sign and then share our petition so that UK government understands it has a responsibility of care to disabled drivers whose daily lives are mired by selfishness and ignorance.

Click here to go the the petition.


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