The missing children

Back in November 2014 Sir Quentin Blake launched a book called “The Five of Us” featuring some remarkable characters!

You’ll be familiar I am sure with the images of Roald Dahl’s world so excellently drawn by Quentin Blake. He captures Dahl’s characters with an exquisite ease. When he was approached to do a slightly different project of children using mobility aids for an exhibition in 2011 the realisation that children with disabilities had no representation in literature clearly struck a nerve.

5 of us

Quentin’s newish book features children with “special abilities” who end up having to rescue their bus driver when he falls ill during a trip into the remote countryside. On the book he says: “We can’t have a quota and we can’t have a token. But one day I hope it just comes naturally, it’s not something I would have to think about.”

I have always enjoyed Roald Dahl’s stories and taken delight from Blake’s expertly drawn images and I look forward to continuing to share these with my own children. So I for one am delighted that a new book has been published which features children which another audience will relate too and hopefully be inspired by.

See a short interview of Sir Quentin Blake on the book, for the BBC here.

You can buy the book here.


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