Petrol Station Assistance

We received a message today from Elaine who wanted to ask about people’s experiences of assistance at petrol stations.

Old stn

She writes; “For the past four years, as my ambulant mobility deteriorated, and after I had my crutches kicked from under me in a petrol station pay queue which damaged my shoulder. I have started using the blue badge services which most Derby stations provide and on the motorways.

However, I was shocked to find that none of the petrol stations in my home town of Buxton offer this service any longer (after Tesco took over the local Esso). I was very nearly marooned there yesterday as I sat with my warning lights flashing in bad weather, with my grandchild in car, on a forecourt that sloped, with pumps I just can’t reach from a wheelchair.

It took over 5 minutes to get staff to come out to talk to me and see what I wanted! The staff refusing to answer my horn and blue badge waving. What are others experience?”

Having never experienced this myself I couldn’t answer, but in time I will have no choice but to ask for assistance.

So we’d like to ask you what your experiences have been, good and bad.



One thought on “Petrol Station Assistance

  1. The Osmaston Sainsbury gave me a pointcall fob to gain assistance, and it’s great, but some are on a different older service call which I don’t have. Marketon Esso, Derby are great they even bring shopping out for me. Thanks Elaine and the team there for their help over the last few years.

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