Accessible Britain

Just how accessible is your local town? Do you prefer your local High Street to your nearest shopping centre?



The UK’s 12.2 million disabled people make a noticeable contribution to employment and local economies. The Accessible Britain Challenge in aims to encourage shops, businesses and local authorities to work closely with disabled people and their organisations to break down barriers and make services more accessible and inclusive.

The Government have invited you and I, to nominate local businesses and local councils, but also voluntary and community groups and disabled people’s groups for the Awards which will recognise outstanding contributions in the following fields:

  • Improved mobility
  • Innovative use of buildings, spaces and places
  • Safer Neighbourhoods
  • Inclusive Social Activities

Surely this can only be a good thing for the local high streets and shopping centres that seem to be losing shops and small businesses at an alarmingly rapid rate? Likewise, better wheelchair and pedestrian areas, more accessible shops and businesses hand in hand with Police visibility and safe shopping areas would certainly be a welcome addition to any locality.

Admittedly this is new to yours truly, however, it is fantastic that there is even talk about this. I look forward to seeing what happens next.

What are your thoughts? What is the shopping experience like for you in your local High St. or Shopping centre? Would you recommend it?

Please share you experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.

– Chris


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