What to do with bay abusers?

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Recently we asked the members of our official Facebook group, what they felt needed to happen to those who parked in a parking bay reserved for disabled drivers/passengers. It encouraged an interesting debate, which we are keen to continue here.

We asked the question;

“What should happen to someone who parks in a disabled bay, but isn’t entitled to?”

  • 62 respondents felt that the driver should receive a fine and points (increasing if they are a repeat offender).
  • 9 respondents felt that they should be fined £50.
  • 4 respondents felt the vehicle should be towed.
  • 1 respondent felt a £25 fine would be a deterrent.

What is interesting is the conversation within our Group highlighted the many difficulties that could be faced for disabled drivers too. For example, what if you were to forget to put your blue badge on display and the vehicle was towed? After all the blue badge is for the person, so if you’re with a friend in their car and forgot to display the blue badge, no checks can be made to confirm you’re in the vehicle!

The other problem that frustrates many disabled drivers and disabled passengers is that the Police view the offence as a civil matter, especially if it’s committed on council owned/managed car parks. To the council authorities it is a police matter, as it is, in fact an offence (if they own the property). To the privately owned car park tenant (supermarket or other shop) they are happy just getting revenue from sales, they have complied with the law and provided the courtesy spaces after all.

So until it becomes law (please see our petition to government) we will never resolve this real and serious problem of systematic abuse! But what are your thoughts on this? We have a poll below, but do have your say by sharing in the comments below this article please.


3 thoughts on “What to do with bay abusers?

  1. I am really surprised with how disabled parking is handled in the UK. In the US, there is a major fine imposed if you park in a handicap space without a proper tag or license plate. Your poll surprised me because the highest fine was L50. Fines here are hundreds of dollars and your car can be towed on top of that. The fines are imposed by the city or state so they do vary but they are always high enough to deter people from using the space. I hope that this issue gets sorted out in your country!!


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