Euan’s Guide

Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews from disabled people and their friends and families, we have a look to get the low down!

euans guide website


Good resources for planning days out are fairly few and far between, so today we are reviewing the one resource we think offers everything the disabled traveller could need.

“The aim of Euan’s Guide is to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about. Euan’s Guide is an alternative to hours of web searching and phone calls and, most importantly, removes the ‘fear of the unknown’ when visiting a venue for the first time.” Euan MacDonald, Founder of Euan’s Guide

As well as tourism and entertainment venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres and visitor attractions, Euan’s Guide features disabled access reviews of any place that is visited as part of everyday life such as post offices, railway stations, supermarkets and many others. Search to find a venue in your area and, if there isn’t one, be the first to write a review!

There is also a fantastic ‘app’ available for Android and Apple smartphones. This makes it even easier to submit your own reviews (with photographs) whilst you’re out and about.

The whole idea is to get the disabled community to build a working database of detailed and valuable information, to enable disabled people to get out and about without the headache of an unknown venue. The more good information that is submitted, the better the information you can access about places and their accessibility.

If every disabled person in the UK submitted just one review there would be over 11 million places on Euan’s Guide – if carers and friends and family also got reviewing that would double; and that’s just the UK!

So if you haven’t already, whiz over to the website today and register your free account, then download the ‘app’ to your smartphone or tablet device, and start submitting reviews to help the disabled community.

Screenshots below (click to enlarge) are from the Android version of the excellent Euan’s Guide application:

Screenshots_2015-03-23-15-25-53 Screenshots_2015-03-23-15-26-11










Finally a short video from the co-founder;



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