Will you help us?


Hello there fan of justice!

We need your help to provide us with unbiased, genuine experiences.

Specifically we are looking for members of the disabled community to share* their stories as disabled passengers, or drivers, and the difficulties you have when driving, finding parking, commuting to and from work, holidaying.

We’d also like to talk about personal safety in the car, and coping with road rage incidents. Whether your experiences are good or bad, with your help we want to publish them in order to help provide a rounded out and accurate image of life as a disabled person in the UK (as a car owner or passenger) along the lines of our philosophy “Want my space? Take my disability!”

Are you running your own campaign? Perhaps you have spoken to your local authority about disability discrimination, or fought to get local toilets made more disabled friendly? Whatever it is we’d like to hear from you!

Share your story with us via the contact us page.

*your anonymity is guaranteed (if required), just let us know!

Thank you in advance for your support.

p.s. You rock by the way!


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