Bay abuse comes in all forms

It isn’t just ignorant people parking in disabled bays. Sadly many companies think it is okay to use this resource as a place to put products.

Recently one of our group members sent us images of this type of abuse at his local hardware store. Despite us, and many former customers bringing it to their immediate attention, this abuse continues.

So we’re publishing these images below, and on our other social media outlets, and we would like you to send them to us also (ideally to our Facebook page) and we will continue to fight on your behalf.

There is no excuse for this abuse. Products do not take a precedent over disabled customers. The pitiful argument put forward that other customers had requested the products to be bought forwards is unacceptable. If they are struggling then surely a member of staff on hand to assist is the answer, not the abuse of a vital resource for those with mobility issues.



If you see this, or similar, please share it with us on our Facebook page.


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