Dating, disabilities and a woman

‪#‎dating‬ perspectives from a ‪#‎woman‬ who knows what she wants…

“You can agree, disagree or just enjoy a laugh and some real honesty. “I’m not every man’s cup of tea. I’m an outspoken, assertive, opinionated woman. I have my sweet side, but I expect respect. Everyone should be respected. I give respect, so why should I not get it? Getting back to not being someone’s cup of tea, it’s rarely about the chair. We all have preferences, that’s just part of dating. It’s all about perspective. I don’t understand those people who tell me they’re afraid of rejection. You can only win in the dating game. The person who rejects you wasn’t in your life in the first place, so you aren’t losing anything, plus they must suck anyway. However, you have the potential of adding someone special to your life and, if nothing else, you might gain a friend. In the end, you can only gain a new relationship. See..? It’s all about perspective.”

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