Watch a man drift with his feet

Allow us to introduce you to drift king extraordinaire, Bartek Ostalowski – a genuine helmsman who does massive, world-class slides using just his feet!

After a car accident in 2006, doctors were left with no option but to amputate both of Ostalowski’s arms. But through dogged determination and a skill almost uncomprehendable, this hasn’t hampered his efforts to become a professional drift pilot.

Thanks to a modified R34 Skyline and quicker feet than Michael Flatley, Bartek is currently shredding tyres in the Polish drift leagues.

How? Well, the car’s fitted with a bespoke semi-automatic gearbox so Bartek can use his shoulder to nudge the cogs back and forth, his right foot hopping between the accelerator, brake and foot-operated handbrake as his left foot takes care of steering duties.

Watching Bartek’s onboard footage is truly mesmerising. Drifting is a dark art, requiring supreme balance of throttle, steering inputs and timing to equal slithery sideways. To nail it so spectacularly with only half the conventional complement of limbs is ambitious, but most definitely not rubbish!

Click the video below to watch Ostalowski doing stuff with his feet that many of us can’t do with arms and legs combined!!


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