American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids

A story from across the pond got my blood boiling recently. I don’t know if you read it too, but the summary is this; autistic children are being abused by so called medical experts in a process that involves a bleach enema.

This ‘process’ was devised by former Scientologist Jim Humble who quit the Church of Scientology to form the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing, claims in online videos to be a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda galaxy. Yes, he really said that.

The ‘quack’ Kerri Rivera fled to Mexico in order to continue ‘curing’ autism, claims her treatment with “miracle mineral solution” has removed 170 children from the autism spectrum. Rivera says her treatment, which includes dosing children with a mixture of sodium chloride and citric acid to make chlorine dioxide, purges slimy parasites that cause autism.

“If, in fact, chlorine dioxide were this toxic poisonous bleach – there would be a sea of dead children,” Rivera said. “How can this be bad if people are healing and nobody’s dying?”

Proponents say they can tell the substance is working if they become nauseated – yet anyone with even a small amount of intelligence knows that is what happens when humans ingest industrial bleach.

Rivera — who describes herself as a biomedical consultant and certified homeopath — claims that autism is caused by yeast, parasites, viruses, and vaccines that can be flushed from the body through strict dietary guidelines and bleach enemas.

“Autism is treatable, it’s avoidable, and I believe that it’s curable,” she said. “As the symptoms go away, the diagnosis fades as well.”

Critics have rightly tried to get Rivera’s books withdrawn from Amazon because “it potentially breaks the law to sell it on the grounds it advocates torture,” but, regrettably, they remain available through the online retailer at the time of writing.

“You don’t experiment with children” said Dr. Karl Scheidt, director of the Centre for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery at Northwestern University, USA. “Something that’s this potentially dangerous – why risk it?”

The United States Environmental Protection Agency warns that chronic exposure to small doses of chlorine dioxide can result in reproductive and neurodevelopmental damage, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has set guidelines for using the chemical in workplaces. We have similar laws governing the use of hazardous substances in the UK also (see links below).

As a father to two autistic children I am utterly disgusted that this evil, barbaric, and downright backward thinking practice can possibly take place in an apparently modern society. I love my children dearly and will never allow them to be harmed in any way as long as I am alive, like any parent I despair when I cannot help them. Autism is not yet fully understood, science and medicine are working to get the upper hand in order to better understand how and why it happens. My children and many others out there deserve the very best we can offer, not this. When I first learned of this I wept, like I think any loving parent with an autistic child would. Even now just thinking of it angers and upsets me.

It is 2015 for goodness sake! Yes this is happening in the United States and not on our shores, but these people are committing child abuse and getting away with it. Based on their beliefs!

Ideas don’t have rights. People have rights.

If you would like to make a difference to autistic children here in the UK, please consider donating to The National Autistic Society the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome).

Article written by Chris Welch
Founder of Want My Space? Take My Disability!

Links: Safe use of hazardous substances, such as bleach: &


One thought on “American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids

  1. Sadly, because it is kept underground, it actually is happening in the British Isles*. We need to get the facts out into the open and protect the poor kids who are being abused so appallingly. The proponents post pictures – on Facebook, and other places – of strips of intestinal lining which have been ripped out by this appalling poison, and announce that these are ‘parasitical rope worms’ (no such thing exists) so the ‘treatment is working’. They are actually slowly killing their children. The children are even losing teeth and bleeding from their mouths and noses. It is wicked abuse. 😦



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