For less than £40 you can swim like a fish

The school holidays are here and being located near the beach (as we are here at Want My Space? Towers) trips to the sandy bits are inevitable.

However, as the little ones get older they want to venture out and snorkelling becomes a possibility. I am lucky enough to be able to use my legs in the water (for a little bit anyway) and although my kiddies are not yet old enough to ask to do snorkelling, it is something I used to enjoy. But it can be a pain in the proverbial.

May be not so much anymore;

We recently read about a nifty full face mask which was very affordable. The idea being that it uses filters and magic to enable the wearer to breathe freely underwater. The appeal to me (Chris) is the clarity of vision underwater along with a lack of kit.

EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask How It Works, Breath In, Breath Out Air Flow
EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask How It Works, Breath In, Breath Out Air Flow


Rather than covering the user’s eyes with goggles, and using a separate tube for breathing through the mouth, the Easybreath mask covers your whole face. This then keeps your mouth and nose open so you’re able to breathe normally using a double air-flow system. Another problem associated with swimming is the fogging of goggles that hamper the general vision of a person. This system takes care of that irritating phenomenon as its efficient air passage releases the exhaled moist breath very efficiently thus avoiding any possible fogging.

This may also be useful to those with disabilities, due to its lightweight design. Please note this is not a sponsored article and we aren’t advertising this, we genuinely think this is a jolly good idea for the more adventurous out there!

Here’s the official video:


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