Get well soon Kate!


We’d like to take a moment to send get well wishes to our good friend Kate Langwine-Cooke. MS is a bitch of a mistress and dear Kate was recently taken ill, we’ll let her explain:

MS IS NOT ALWAYS INVISIBLE: Last night I shouted my partner Sarah to bring me something from the kitchen then it felt like my brain slowed down, everything looked and sounded like was in slow motion, then my brain went nuts, “extreme over activity of the brain caused by the MS” the hospital said. I went into full body tremors including my head banging up and down , I wasn’t unconscious but I was unresponsive, I could hear everything but couldn’t respond or open my eyes.

After 15 minutes Sarah rang an ambulance because this has never happened before. I remember hearing the paramedics but couldn’t respond to them, they worked on me at ours for about 45 minutes I think (can’t be sure though because I don’t remember them putting a line into my foot as they couldn’t get a vein). They blue lighted me to hospital and took me into ‘resus’ my memory of what happened in there is patchy.

Later once I was in a condition to be moved into main A&E they took me through. After 3 hours of being in what at first thought to be a seizure my brain finally settled and I came out of it. They wanted to keep me in over night for observation but I just wanted to come home and sleep, they ran a load of tests n then let me discharge myself.

I think we got home at like 5am but not sure, I slept but my body is utterly exhausted. Genuinely didn’t know how last night was going to end. Thankful to be alive today.


4 thoughts on “Get well soon Kate!

  1. Thank you for your comment, your mum was right and I think in very similar ways as she did, I have MS but MS doesn’t have me is my motto. It’s a hurrendous disease to live with but because of it I live and exciting adventure filled life, I know I won’t live a long life so I live the best life I can


  2. My dear mum Dilys lived with MS from the age of 36yrs old and suffered seizures quite a lot. We recently thought she also had Alzimers but they put it down to MS. Mum recently passed away 31st July due to cancer. They wouldn’t treat the cancer saying her MS has made her immune system too weak to fight treatment so after 8 weeks mum finally peacefully passed away. MS made my mum live with pain but also made her stronger spiritually. I always remember mum saying to me “I will always have MS but something else will kill me” and she was so right. God Bless you on your journey with MS and stay strong in your spiritual health as this will help you get through the bad days.


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