New year, new m……. yawn!

So our social media feeds are packed with people publicly stating that they’re making changes or resolutions for the year ahead. Yawn!

How does it make you feel? The constant ‘look at me’ posts!

With me I try to use it as an impetus to get on with my own goals, i mean I have challenges everyday, we all do, but we still need to keep focus and have some me time or a project, right? Before D-Day (disabled day – the day it dawned on me I was disabled) I used to work from home occasionally, on those days I HAD to get up and get dressed in my office attire to get the work mindset on. In a similar way I feel I need to keep my self focussed otherwise I fall in to a rut.
I have noticed that many people, like myself who have become disabled, are very self motivated – as in they want to get out there and DO something. For me this was certainly after a period of depression and mourning, something that does not always disappear either. One gets depressed that suddenly they are no longer able to do the things that they used to, and also begin a mourning process – accepting the loss of the ability to do something you love with the ones you love. For me it was a child’s sports day and then the realisation that I will never be able to ride my bicycle again (and subsequent loss of freedom that entails).
I have subsequently found activities for the disabled but I am always looking for more!
The point of this posting is this;
PLEASE, don’t get down about what you cannot do because even if you’re in an iron lung you can do something! You are human, therefore you are an amazingly evolved intelligent being – and if you need any ideas, why not post what you like doing below, or in our official facebook group?
Have a good one everyone!
Chris W
Founder of Want My Space? Take My Disability!

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