Competition to prepare Britain’s roads for driverless cars

According to an article published on the Auto Express website today, by writer Hugo Griffiths, a competition to prepare Britain’s roads for driverless vehicles has been launched by Highways England and Innovate UK.

However, the cut off date of the competition is 18th March!

Idea’s such as how driverless and conventional vehicles can coexist, and how roads can evolve to accommodate autonomous vehicles (AV’s) and electric vehicles (EV’s). Entries must address three broad themes :

1) How existing roads and infrastructure will be adapted to accommodate AV’s

2) How traffic lights and other control methods, such as pedestrian crossings should change

3) Should current rules and regulations such as speed limits and parking restrictions be altered for AV’s

The contest seeks to find new ideas as the government gears up for the task of readying our roads for the arrival enmass of driverless vehicles.

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are concerning the future of our roads and how we will travel for generations to come.


One thought on “Competition to prepare Britain’s roads for driverless cars

  1. Personally I can’t wait for autonomous vehicles to be commonplace in the UK. It would give me so much freedom as I wouldn’t need to get someone to drive me somewhere if I wanted to go out. For disabled people I think autonomous vehicles could be fantastic.
    I think all vehicles need to be connected to each other somehow so that they can communicate. I think this would help them to understand what each other’s trajectory is and so it could help them to avoid each other.

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