Internet is essential

I feel that Internet access, for the disabled community and certainly those with limited mobility, is an amenity not a luxury.

Apparently, (in the US at least) some internet providers actually offer discounted Internet packages to those who are in receipt of disability benefits, due to the fact that to most, Internet access is a required amenity.

Without the Internet, those who are less mobile are not able to:

-Check their bank accounts and track their bills remotely

-Apply for a job with a company that only offers online applications (yes, that’s a very real thing) or discover job opportunities that aren’t listed in the newspaper

-Discover new community resources, such as upcoming food and clothing drives

-Order shopping online if they have low mobility and can’t go to the store themselves

-Pursue schooling by studying online, rather than spending their livelyhood on textbooks

-Look up tutorials on things such as cooking and what cleaners to use for specific tasks, instead of endangering themselves by going into those tasks blind

So, my view is that access to the Internet is an essential amenity. Society is dependent on it and without it many people with a disability become truly disabled.

I would love to know your thoughts on this subject.


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