How clean are your bed sheets?

There’s nothing better after a hot bath or relaxing shower then climbing in a your bed after you’ve changed the sheets. But how often should they be changed/washed, according to science? The answer may leave you a little surprised!

With everything life throws at us, disabled or not, washing our bedding is a pain in the proverbial bottom. The fact we should do it more often than we do is also probably a truth we’re reluctant to accept. So in order to prevent our bed becoming the equivalent to the primordial soup where all life began, just how often, according to science, should you be changing/washing your bedding?

Well according to New York University microbiologist Phillip Tierno, we should all be washing and changing our sheets once a week. “That’s excessive” I hear you cry, until you realise that your sleeping quarters are quite literally a festering breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that journey straight from your body to your bed in your sweat, dribble and, well, other bodily fluids. Annually you produce approximately 3.5 litres of sweat in bed which assist in creating “ideal fungal culture medium“. Sorry about that.

If you haven’t been washing your bedding on a weekly basis, fear not, you are not alone. Most people in the US only wash theirs every 10-14 days (source CNN). But once each week is the recommended suggestion, in hot water to kill all germs.

What if?

All that, biology, can build up in your bed into a significant community in only a week, and there are health implications to consider too. That mildly sore throat you had the other day? Probably your bed sheets. Allergens live happily in your pillows and bed sheets, right next to your nose and mouth. See you at the washing machine!





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