Autism friendly Minecraft sets new record!

In our house most of the talk revolves around things that have been learned. You can guarantee there’ll be a conversation about chickens, Lego, the Titanic or similar. But the king is and probably will always be Minecraft!

For those unaware Minecraft is a massive open world game where the player can create almost anything the imagination can conjure up, and because it is online players can share their worlds with their friends too. Fans and players have recreated alsorts, from the Game of Thrones world to English Heritage Castles! The possibilities really are endless, just look at this one, and with specific autism friendly servers and groups being created too, it can also be a fun, challenging and productive environment for those on the spectrum.

Despite the constant stream of frankly incredible games appearing via Microsoft and their partners, Minecraft is proving it’s still a force to be reckoned with. Microsoft has recently revealed that Minecraft has officially sold more than 144 million copies worldwide!

But, that’s not all! The new head of Minecraft Helen Chiang said “We just recently set a new record in December for monthly active users, so now we’re at 74 million monthly active users — and that’s really a testament to people coming back to the game, whether it’s through the game updates or bringing in new players from across the world.” (via PopSugar)

The ease of which most can pick up the game and play immediately helps with it’s popularity, though if you have anyone aged 7-14 in the house you can get schooled by an expert! The other thing that keeps the game popular are the regular updates and content coming from Microsoft which has seen the interface and game itself evolve quite a lot. It certainly remains a popular go to game in our house, and I admit to pouring a fair few hours in to worlds with my kids too.

Do you play Minecraft? Want to share your worlds with us too? Well remember we have a dedicated group on Xbox Live where you can join for free to chat, game and make new friends with other followers of Want My Space? Take My Disability!


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