This website is run by volunteers who are disabled, or carers. We also have a Facebook page (used for submissions of disabled parking bay abuse) and a Facebook Support Group.

The idea behind the whole thing came about when Chris Welch drove to his local supermarket and was unable to park (because it was raining) in a disabled parking bay this meant he and his family had to visit another supermarket to find a wide disabled parking bay to enable him to access his wheelchair and then continue shopping for groceries. Then a day later a family trip to the cinema was scuppered after visiting a local cinema complex. There were no bays available on both visits, and vehicles parked in disabled bays were parked there without valid blue badges on display. After speaking with other disabled drivers, passengers and their carers, it was realised that the problem was dire on a national scale.

Many private locations use the excuse that they do not own the land, many council’s point to the Police as being the point of contact, and many Police refer the matter to local council’s. So what are the disabled general public to do?

We have lobbied government 3 times to attempt to draw attention to this problem and plan to do so again. We have the resources for any person wishing to contact their local MP to discuss this matter and are doing our best to encourage disabled people to team up and push to have disabled parking bays to be protected.