Autism friendly Minecraft sets new record!

In our house most of the talk revolves around things that have been learned. You can guarantee there’ll be a conversation about chickens, Lego, the Titanic or similar. But the king is and probably will always be Minecraft!

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XBOX Gamer?

Do you own an XBOX One or XBOX 360? Have you been looking to join a community where you can game with others who have a disability? Then look no further! We have created our own online gaming community through the XBOX Live facility. Simply search for our Club ‘Want My Space Take My Disability Gamers’ and join others who are casual gamers and looking to make new friendships.

Don’t have Xbox Live, then pop over here first.

See you online!

Bespoke 3D printed wheelchairs a reality

You can have a tailored suit made, bespoke curtains and covers made, even your new car can be tailored to suit your needs, so it seems strange that wheelchairs (to a certain extent) are off the shelf items not ideally designed with the individual in mind.

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How clean are your bed sheets?

There’s nothing better after a hot bath or relaxing shower then climbing in a your bed after you’ve changed the sheets. But how often should they be changed/washed, according to science? The answer may leave you a little surprised!

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Early Cancer Detection Blood Test

As you may have seen in the media already, Scientist’s are very close to creating a blood test that will detect certain cancers early ensuring a higher survival chance.

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Versatile electric wheelchair

WHILL’s new electric portable mobility device is seemingly everything one could wish for in a modern mobility aid. It’s key design feature is to offer the user real freedom to manoeuvre in almost any environment. Watch Mashable’s video here.

Internet is essential

I feel that Internet access, for the disabled community and certainly those with limited mobility, is an amenity not a luxury.

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