Not being aware of memory problems predicts onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

New research could provide clinicians with insights regarding clinical progression to dementia.

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Autism friendly Minecraft sets new record!

In our house most of the talk revolves around things that have been learned. You can guarantee there’ll be a conversation about chickens, Lego, the Titanic or similar. But the king is and probably will always be Minecraft!

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SAD what is it?

Sometimes called the “Winter Depression” seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real thing and affects many people. Though the symptoms only occur during the darker months here in the Northern Hemisphere, the effects are now being recognised by many health officials. The causes, however, are not fully understood, though it is felt that the amount, or lack thereof, of daylight during the Autumn and Winter months is closely related. Continue reading “SAD what is it?”

Finding peace in a field

For most of us, day to day life with a disability is one of ‘routine’. Not that it is usually possible to keep a routine, by using the word ‘routine’ I mean that day to day the same things tend to happen; you wake up tired or in pain, you have a shower and feel exhausted, you get dressed and need a rest, and so on.

However, this article is not about chronic fatigue, or exhaustion, it is instead about how one goes about the task of gaining some relief from mental fatigue.

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