A very unpleasant experience for a wheelchair user at Clapham Junction

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Clapham Junction is a busy and important transport hub in South London, and I’m pleased to say that it has step-free access to all platforms, and wheelchair ramps on every platform.

But lifts and ramps are not enough to make a station disabled-friendly. The attitude and behaviour of the station staff matter hugely. Continue reading “A very unpleasant experience for a wheelchair user at Clapham Junction”


Wheelchair User vs Buggies

Doug Paulley was told he could not get on a bus to Leeds in 2012 when a mother with a pushchair refused to move.

He says FirstGroup’s “requesting, not requiring” policy is discriminatory, but the bus operator says it is the most feasible that can be employed.

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Why the tube strike is good for disabled people

Unless you’ve really been avoiding the news, you’ll know that there was a tube strike this week, and whilst the vast majority of commuters made alternative arrangements and many others took to social media to complain about their lot – for those of us who are wheelchair users it was just another day in paradise. Right?

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Planned Rail Strike *UPDATED*

Network Rail is planning for fewer than one in 10 trains to run if next week’s strike goes ahead, with Gatwick airport cut off in a peak holiday week and British steel production being brought to a halt, leaked documents setting out its contingency plans show.

*UPDATED* – Strike now cancelled – read more here

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Kiddies love it, commuters hate it, Britain never copes with it, but it’s here for most of us this morning.



What does the snow mean for you as a disabled person? Does it mean you stop indoors completely? Does it mean the nightmare on public transport is even worse? Do you chuck on extra layers?

We’re interested to know how you cope with adverse weather conditions! Share your tips below, you may have a gem no one has ever thought of!


Bus rage!

Image used with thanks to TfL

As the high court has announced its decision that wheelchair users do not have priority use of reserved space on buses, many disabled commuters are left feeling betrayed and even more marginalised.

But it isn’t just buses that there’s trouble, it is also trains – the assumption that society can be trusted on its own to act sensibly is rather utopian. It just doesn’t happen. Which is why we are calling for the law to be changed to protect disabled parking bays!! At least with the trains you can book a space – even if the disabled area is located near the doors and the toilets (who the hell had that idea?).  Continue reading “Bus rage!”