We often clamour for a chance to have our voices heard, well now is your chance, please can you take just a few minutes to complete this questionnaire created by Helen Dolphin over at People’s Parking. This survey aims to find out how safe wheelchair and scooter users feel travelling on the bus in 2018.

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You share genes with an ancient eel

And that may be a very good thing indeed! Lampreys are jawless, eel-like fish that, about 550 million years ago, shared a common ancestor with humans. The observation that a lamprey can fully recover from a severed spinal cord without medication or other treatment is what spurred this study. They can go from paralysis to full swimming behaviour in 10 to 12 weeks.

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Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations

Good news everybody! One of the most popular map apps on Android and iOS now has an excellent feature: Wheelchair Accessible locations! Continue reading “Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations”