These images are from Lissy:

I create pet portraits out of wool. My love of crafts came about as my health deteriorated and just recently I discovered needle felting. It is a very low cost hobby to start out to see if you like it. Often people needle felt little 3d animals but I have found my fortè in 2d work. Needle felting is created by using a special barbed needle which felts the fibres together. It is great if you need to take your frustration out on something as you can keep stabbing your needle into the wool until it turns into something you’re happy with! And you get a lot of satisfaction out of it too. You can get little kits in hobbycraft if it’s something anyone wants to try themselves. A little tip if you do try yourself- buy some needle holders. They make it a lot easier to hold the needle so you don’t get pain in your hands! We get enough pain without adding to it!

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