Today was an average day, a tired but carrying on, in pain but powering through, average kind of day.

Today’s highs; getting an awesome tattoo, watched my little girls football match, and I made it through so now today can be over.

Today’s lows; are all quite ridiculous; I got a tattoo on my wrist and it caused severe tremors in my legs – f***ing hell brain, what are you actually doing you f***ing moron!

I’ve just ironed a school shirt and it literally was a painstaking struggle – yet earlier I managed to smash almost 25 km in 45 min on a spin bike, ‘make your mind up body, am I fit and strong or not?!

My worst low today though was – my little girls cut herself in the bath and screamed in pain, a horrible sound to hear when you adore someone. I bolted out of the kitchen and up the stairs towards the bathroom in absolute panic, all very upsetting but I patched her up good n she is ok. The funny part of it though, as I sprinted up the stairs towards the bathroom my child was screaming in from the bath YET for some bizarre reason I threw my jacket off as though I was running to save someone drowning in the sea hahaha. Randomness!!!

Every single day brain quite does as it pleases without even consulting with me first, Cheeky b*stard.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?…..