I’ll start at the beginning of what has been an insane couple of weeks;
Friday was in the gym training for my upcoming bike marathon, Saturday went to the football at Old Trafford (united fan through n through) Sunday headed up to the coast with my wife Sarah and two step daughters. Living in Wales n heading to the coast usually means it’s going to be a scorching hot day or its going to tip it down and absolutely tip it down with rain it did! After wasting some time and money in the amusements on the Llandudno pier we headed for food n then off to find the rural farm I had booked us a wooden wigwam for a spot of glamping. I love glamping, due to pain I can no longer camp in a tent but if I’m honest I love the convenience of glamping: turn up, unload the car, let the fun begin!

After a great night of fun and games in the wigwam we headed back to Llandudno on the Monday for a sunny play on the beach. After a nice meal out we travelled home on the Monday for a relaxing evening as I was still tired from having walked 10 miles around Chester zoo a few days previous but our evening did not go to plan.

While relaxing on the sofa I shouted my partner Sarah to bring something in with her from the kitchen and then in layman’s terms my MS went crazy. I felt my brain function slow down, I was aware of my surroundings but I knew something was very wrong, then all of a sudden my brain went into overdrive which was later described by the Dr in A&E as ‘a surge of over activity in the brain’, this ‘surge’ sent my body into a seizure like state, my limbs were uncontrollably shaking, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even open my eyes at will.

With my partner being a nurse and me being quite used to my brain misbehaving neither of us are rarely shocked or frightened by what the damage to my brain and the MS itself can do but this was different, this was new, it wasn’t a tremor, it was a full on fit. Sarah rang an ambulance once it became clear that my body was not going to just come out of the state it was in. Sarah thought I was unconscious, once the first lot of paramedics arrived they too thought I was unconscious and was having an epileptic seizure, BUT I could hear everything that was going on! I have got some gaps in my memory from what went on but I was unresponsive not unconscious.

I was blue lighted into our local hospital and rushed into resus, my body was continuing to fit, the paramedics had struggled to get a line into me because of my poor overused veins (chemo & treatment not drugs lol) so they resorted to putting a line into my foot, they had given me IV diazepam it did nothing to calm my body. Once it was established that my condition wasn’t changing or improving I was moved through to Majors. After 3 very long hours my brain and body finally settled and I ‘came round’.

Confused, disorientated and exhausted it took some time for me to realise exactly what had happened, the first thing I saw was the drip going into my foot. After 3 hours of fitting and having no fluids orally I had a mega dry mouth so my first words were ‘what’s in the drip?’ Sarah told me it was just fluids so in true me style my response was ‘I’m well thirsty get it out if my foot and put it in my f*cking mouth’. My parents and Sarah couldn’t help but laugh; in fact I can’t remember ever being in A&E or on a ward and not getting a laugh. Due to a lack of beds in the hospital I discharged myself after the Dr ran some tests so that I could rest, sleep and recover.

I spent the next few days resting and sleeping, by the Saturday I was just about fit enough to get to Leeds Festival so that I could tick seeing Mumford and sons at a festival off my never ending bucket list. Don’t get me wrong I was purely there thanks to caffeine and painkillers but u was there nonetheless! Exhausted I drove us to a nearby Hotel for a not so restful night due to pain but chilled with the kids once we arrived home on Sunday ahead of our next day of fun.

Monday we took the kids to Blackpool pleasure beach to celebrate the end of a great few weeks of family fun; Bank holiday Monday traffic en route almost tipped me over the edge but we got there eventually, I battered my brain and knackered back on the worryingly rickety rollercoasters and rides but we had a great day and finished it off by watching the sunset from the beachfront. As always my MS made our day as turbulent as possible for me with speech difficulties, tremors, confusion and pain BUT we had a great time and that’s what matters.

The kids are now back in school, I’m back in work and back in bike marathon training – CARPE DIEM!