My name is Mick and this is an introduction to my blog.

Since having a car accident back in 2007, I have had multiple physical problems, ranging from crumbling discs in my spine to osteoarthritis in both knees, and have been wheelchair-bound for over 3 years now.

My favourite quote is also a saying I live my life by:

Taken from Stephen Kings’ “The Shawshank Redemption”:

“Get busy living, or get busy dying”

I choose to get busy living!

My spinal issues are degenerative and it means that I rely on a wheelchair for my daily life when out and about, and it has given me a unique view on the daily struggle of actually doing anything from shopping to a simple visit to my doctors, but it also gives me a chance to view, with wry humour, life in general and my experiences.

I push my boundaries and challenge myself on a daily basis and try to succeed in everything I do as well as in my personal goals.

My family is important to me, both as a source of comfort and a support network and my 2 autistic girls provide me with many instances of “off-the-wall” humour that keeps me going!

I stand up for disabled rights whenever and wherever I can, and try to make others see disabled people without blinkers.

“It’s my legs that don’t work properly, not my brain!”

I hope you enjoy my blog and have many hours of happy reading!

Best wishes,

Michael S Born