It’s Outdoor Cinema Time!

Seeing as it was my eldest daughters 11th birthday, we decided to do something a little special for her…we heard of an even based in Peterborough (where, for our sins, we live) and it was an outdoor showing of one of her favourite films: The Lion King. My daughter absolutely loves this film, even to the point of having a “Lion King” baseball cap, complete with ears and everything, and she literally jumped for joy when we told her we were going.


So, we packed up a sleeping bag (to wrap the girls up in if it rained/got cold), a picnic blanket to sit on (let’s face it, it’s a park…councils only provide the minimum of seating and it’s usually covered in bird poo or beer stains!) and some popcorn (the even did offer popcorn, but you can’t beat the old school taste of popcorn like we used to get at our cinemas back in the day, and Lidl’s managed it).

Now I have a new nemesis to add to my hate list of pathways…bumpy grass! I can get across grass in my wheelchair, but the biggest issues for me are:

Inconsiderate Dog Owners – bags are like 30p from Tesco for 300…C’MON! Inconsiderate litter droppers…old cans, packets and cigarettes ends…all of which seem to be magnetically attracted to my wheels, and stick like their lives depend upon it!

But, we found the park it was going to be held in, keeping one eye on traffic, one eye on the paths (those damned inconsiderate dog owners again) and one eye on the weather (3 eyes? no wonder people stare at me…I thought it was ‘cos of the wheelchair!)

We have arrived!

We get there and find that there are quite a few people there, all setting up, and the queue for the free face painting was longer than the queue for the toilets…but then there were a lot of kids there, so that can be forgiven. We were set up near the bikes that supply power, as it was one of those events whereby cycle-power was taken literally and there wasn’t a battery in sight, but there was an endless supply of volunteers to cycle. The bikes supplied power for the sound system, the projector and even for the inflatable screen…which, I might add, went up without the red-faced dad puffing his last breath into the tiny, leaking valve at the back whilst having a “vapour-lock” of the chest trying to do it!

The film itself was great, as you’d expect from a Disney classic like Lion King, and went really well, but for a glitch close to the end where the projector “packed a mental” and stopped working for about 2 minutes. Some of the things that spoiled it a bit for me was there was a group of non-English guys behind us, who were drinking beer, catcalling and being generally stupid for a good portion of the film, which is why I can be forgiven for turning to my wife and saying:

”I’m just gonna go over there and deflate those bloody balloon animals, hun”

YES! I meant the party of morons who chose to use ignorance to spoil something that children the world over would enjoy, simply because they were half-cut and rather lacking in the brains department! She laughed, I laughed ‘cos she laughed, then we carried on enjoying the film.

Once the film finished and the end credits started to roll, the “thunder-clouds of stupidity” disappeared (meaning the idiots behind me) and we started to pack up ready to go home. Usually we lose sight of one of the kids within the folds of the picnic blanket, but watching the look of horror on peoples faces when a picnic blanket appears to be walking on it’s own and giggling, comes towards them, is pretty much priceless!

We get back to the car, and once on the road, we make a pit stop at Tesco for some bits for the next day, then onto home and the comforts of our beds. Well almost.

DAMN!!! Dog needs to go in the garden before we settle, or he’ll be barking every 5 minutes when he hears a mouse-fart in France! Job done.

NOW it’s time for bed, and something most people “dream” about…SLEEP!