New year, new m……. yawn!

So our social media feeds are packed with people publicly stating that they’re making changes or resolutions for the year ahead. Yawn!

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Season’s Greets!

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News update


We just wanted to let you know Kate has posted a new update to her blog. It’s an honest, emotional and heartfelt update and is more than likely something many of our members and readers will relate to.

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Quick update

Just a quick reminder to keep an eye on Mick and Kate’s blogs, that way you won’t miss a thing!

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Autism, but why?

As any parent to an autistic child will tell you, getting a diagnosis is a long and exhausting journey. But how do you know if your child is autistic? Is it down to genetics?

Autism is a complex developmental disorder, and diagnosing it properly usually involves a combination of different tests. In the latest issue of JAMA, scientists provide the most up-to-date assessment yet of which tests work best for detecting genetic mutations associated with certain kinds of autism. Categorising the various forms of autism will be important to guide parents to the proper care, the researchers say.

Traditionally, autism is diagnosed with behavioral tests that assess whether kids are meeting developmental milestones, such as talking, interacting with their parents and siblings, and learning to give and take in social situations. In recent years, researchers have been working on other ways to detect and potentially diagnose autism. Scientists have identified more than 100 genes connected with a higher risk of developing autism.

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Special Announcement

Hello all,

We wanted to take a moment to announce that we have another new guest blogger to the site. Sort of. You’ve actually read a few of their articles already!

Mick has shared a few of his humourous experiences with us, and has actually sent us quite a few we’ve yet to publish, so we’ve invited him to join us on a more permanent basis and are delighted that he has accepted!

If you look to the right you’ll spot he has his very own place on our website, and there’s a freshly written introduction from him to read!

Welcome to the team Mick!

Get well soon Kate!


We’d like to take a moment to send get well wishes to our good friend Kate Langwine-Cooke. MS is a bitch of a mistress and dear Kate was recently taken ill, we’ll let her explain: Continue reading Get well soon Kate!

PLEASE sign and share our petition

One of our members, Sheila, shared her upsetting experience with our group members today, and we wanted to share it with you too. It highlights the plight faced by many disabled drivers and passengers, not only here in the UK, but the world over. A selfish, me first, screw you attitude that many people cultivate when behind the wheel of their chosen automobile. This is why we not only need disabled parking bays protected, we also need car parks to be more thoughtfully designed.  Continue reading PLEASE sign and share our petition

At last, an activity tracker for wheelchair users!

The market has been flooded in the past few years with all sorts of different activity trackers for fitness buffs. But a company called ‘Chaotic Moon Studios’ has just announced they are testing a prototype for a different kind of activity tracker. It’s called Freewheel, and it is designed for people in wheelchairs. Continue reading At last, an activity tracker for wheelchair users!

Long hours adds to risk of stroke

According to analysis of more than half a million people, published in the Lancet medical journal, people that habitually work long hours are more likely to have a stroke.   Continue reading Long hours adds to risk of stroke