A very unpleasant experience for a wheelchair user at Clapham Junction

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Clapham Junction is a busy and important transport hub in South London, and I’m pleased to say that it has step-free access to all platforms, and wheelchair ramps on every platform.

But lifts and ramps are not enough to make a station disabled-friendly. The attitude and behaviour of the station staff matter hugely. Continue reading “A very unpleasant experience for a wheelchair user at Clapham Junction”


The force is strong with this one

Here’s a little something to brighten up your summer holidays; feel free to share around social media with a link to our petition to government. This image will also be available in the downloads section.

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Disabled spaces are not OAP spaces!

A passionate guest post from one of our Facebook Community Group members, Erin Pritchard

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American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids

A story from across the pond got my blood boiling recently. I don’t know if you read it too, but the summary is this; autistic children are being abused by so called medical experts in a process that involves a bleach enema. Continue reading “American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids”

Disabled bays are not a form of special treatment.


We wanted to share this with you:

A bloggers view of disabled parking bays, and a first hand experience as to why they are such an important resource for disabled drivers. An all too familiar story!

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