Autism friendly Minecraft sets new record!

In our house most of the talk revolves around things that have been learned. You can guarantee there’ll be a conversation about chickens, Lego, the Titanic or similar. But the king is and probably will always be Minecraft!

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Disabled Access Day 2017

Here’s a date for your diaries, well actually, here’s 3 dates for your diary!  Continue reading “Disabled Access Day 2017”

Autism, but why?

As any parent to an autistic child will tell you, getting a diagnosis is a long and exhausting journey. But how do you know if your child is autistic? Is it down to genetics?

Autism is a complex developmental disorder, and diagnosing it properly usually involves a combination of different tests. In the latest issue of JAMA, scientists provide the most up-to-date assessment yet of which tests work best for detecting genetic mutations associated with certain kinds of autism. Categorising the various forms of autism will be important to guide parents to the proper care, the researchers say.

Traditionally, autism is diagnosed with behavioral tests that assess whether kids are meeting developmental milestones, such as talking, interacting with their parents and siblings, and learning to give and take in social situations. In recent years, researchers have been working on other ways to detect and potentially diagnose autism. Scientists have identified more than 100 genes connected with a higher risk of developing autism.

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Ten really good things to say to a parent with an Autistic child

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Ten things NOT to say to a parent with an autistic child



As parents to two autistic boys we’ve heard some of these and if you are a parent to an autistic child, then you probably have too!

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American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids

A story from across the pond got my blood boiling recently. I don’t know if you read it too, but the summary is this; autistic children are being abused by so called medical experts in a process that involves a bleach enema. Continue reading “American ‘quack’ defends abuse of autistic kids”