Question Time (Aug ’17)

We’re discussing the process of challenging those who abuse disabled parking facilities this month, join our twitter poll and let us know what you do. Just click on the bird  to join in.


Petition News

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition. Sadly we ran out of time and fell short of the 10,000 needed for a response from the government.
HOWEVER, we are not deterred and have launched a new petition which is live now!

We really need you to work with us and champion this, so please share it with all your friends and followers on social media, working together let’s get this going viral. Tell people why it is important to you, why these bays need protection, and why asking the local authorities or Police just doesn’t work. Explain to people WHY we need this law introduced.

As ever, thank you all for your continued support.

Chris, and the team.

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Quick update

Just a quick reminder to keep an eye on Mick and Kate’s blogs, that way you won’t miss a thing!

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PLEASE sign and share our petition

One of our members, Sheila, shared her upsetting experience with our group members today, and we wanted to share it with you too. It highlights the plight faced by many disabled drivers and passengers, not only here in the UK, but the world over. A selfish, me first, screw you attitude that many people cultivate when behind the wheel of their chosen automobile. This is why we not only need disabled parking bays protected, we also need car parks to be more thoughtfully designed.  Continue reading PLEASE sign and share our petition

Disabled spaces are not OAP spaces!

A passionate guest post from one of our Facebook Community Group members, Erin Pritchard

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Politics in a nutshell!


We don’t do politics in our official Facebook Group (or religion) but this amused us enough to want to share it with you.

If you haven’t joined the group, pop over now. We don’t just talk about disabled parking bays, we talk about anything that concerns disabled passengers and drivers. The group is a friendly haven on the internet where all members adhere to a Group Etiquette designed to encourage a healthy friendly atmosphere.


DMUK campaign for better car parks

Have you seen DMUK’s latest campaign? It calls for many of the things we have outlined in our petition to government. We support this wholeheartedly! Have a look at the short video starring Helen Dolphin:

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Bay abuse comes in all forms

It isn’t just ignorant people parking in disabled bays. Sadly many companies think it is okay to use this resource as a place to put products.

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Will you help us?

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What to do with bay abusers?

Edward Street 2

Recently we asked the members of our official Facebook group, what they felt needed to happen to those who parked in a parking bay reserved for disabled drivers/passengers. It encouraged an interesting debate, which we are keen to continue here.

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