Blind Gent refused entry to restaurant

A blind man and his guide dog were refused a table at a Chinese restaurant in Glasgow after being told that his dog was ‘an inconvenience.’

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Disabled Access Day 2017

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Finding peace in a field

For most of us, day to day life with a disability is one of ‘routine’. Not that it is usually possible to keep a routine, by using the word ‘routine’ I mean that day to day the same things tend to happen; you wake up tired or in pain, you have a shower and feel exhausted, you get dressed and need a rest, and so on.

However, this article is not about chronic fatigue, or exhaustion, it is instead about how one goes about the task of gaining some relief from mental fatigue.

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New year, new m……. yawn!

So our social media feeds are packed with people publicly stating that they’re making changes or resolutions for the year ahead. Yawn!

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PLEASE sign and share our petition

One of our members, Sheila, shared her upsetting experience with our group members today, and we wanted to share it with you too. It highlights the plight faced by many disabled drivers and passengers, not only here in the UK, but the world over. A selfish, me first, screw you attitude that many people cultivate when behind the wheel of their chosen automobile. This is why we not only need disabled parking bays protected, we also need car parks to be more thoughtfully designed.  Continue reading “PLEASE sign and share our petition”

Dating, disabilities and a woman

‪#‎dating‬ perspectives from a ‪#‎woman‬ who knows what she wants…

“You can agree, disagree or just enjoy a laugh and some real honesty. “I’m not every man’s cup of tea. I’m an outspoken, assertive, opinionated woman. I have my sweet side, but I expect respect. Everyone should be respected. I give respect, so why should I not get it? Getting back to not being someone’s cup of tea, it’s rarely about the chair. We all have preferences, that’s just part of dating. It’s all about perspective. I don’t understand those people who tell me they’re afraid of rejection. You can only win in the dating game. The person who rejects you wasn’t in your life in the first place, so you aren’t losing anything, plus they must suck anyway. However, you have the potential of adding someone special to your life and, if nothing else, you might gain a friend. In the end, you can only gain a new relationship. See..? It’s all about perspective.”

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