Disabled Access Day 2017

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Travelling the world in a wheelchair

James Ballardie and his girlfriend set out to travel the world by wheelchair. Instead of researching wheelchair access facilities for each destination on their list they simply embrace the local facilities and go with the flow. So far they have been through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the USA, Japan and South Korea, and to date it’s been remarkably straightforward — until they reached China that is:


A date for your diary

Disabled Access Day 2016


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Disabled Access Day 2015



Disabled Access Day is about getting out and visiting a venue that you’ve never been to before. We’re inviting all our group members and subscribers to take part too! We’d love to hear your ideas so please do share them below in the comments, your idea may inspire someone else. Of course discussions are bound to take place in our facebook group to so check in there too for ideas. There may even be a local meet up in your area! This is a great opportunity to share family venues and give credit to those venues who make the effort to be accessible.

Using Instagram? Share your pictures with us here. If you use Flickr, also join the official Disabled Access Day Flickr group and upload your photos of the day!

This is all about having a mini adventure and some fun!