New tech for accelerated wound healing discovered!

Well here’s an intriguing article that may interest you, it certainly caught my eye as a diabetic! In a world first researchers at Uppsala University and SLU have found a new way of accelerating wound healing. The technology and the mode of action method published in the highly ranked journal PNAS involves using lactic acid bacteria as vectors to produce and deliver a human chemokine on site in the wounds.

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Stealth virus for cancer therapy

Viruses have their own genetic material and can infect human cells in a very specific manner. They will then reproduce as directed by their own genes but using the resources of the host cell. These properties make them interesting “gene shuttles” to fight hereditary diseases or cancer. There are innumerable different viruses, but the human adenovirus 5, which normally causes the symptoms of a typical cold, has substantial advantages: Its genome can be replaced completely by an artificial one which contains only “useful” genes. Without any of the viral genes left, the virus can no longer replicate and trigger diseases. In addition, the genome of the adenovirus is very large and does not integrate into human chromosomes.

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A family who can’t feel pain?


In our weird and wonderful world you sometimes come across a story that makes you do a double take. This was one of those for me!
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Early Cancer Detection Blood Test

As you may have seen in the media already, Scientist’s are very close to creating a blood test that will detect certain cancers early ensuring a higher survival chance.

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Man invents possible breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer’s


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