Disabled Access Day 2017

Here’s a date for your diaries, well actually, here’s 3 dates for your diary!  Continue reading Disabled Access Day 2017


Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations

Good news everybody! One of the most popular map apps on Android and iOS now has an excellent feature: Wheelchair Accessible locations! Continue reading Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations

Potential price increases at the pumps?

Drivers could face higher diesel and petrol prices as a result of the vote to leave the EU, retailers have suggested. Continue reading Potential price increases at the pumps?

Travelling the world in a wheelchair

James Ballardie and his girlfriend set out to travel the world by wheelchair. Instead of researching wheelchair access facilities for each destination on their list they simply embrace the local facilities and go with the flow. So far they have been through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the USA, Japan and South Korea, and to date it’s been remarkably straightforward — until they reached China that is:


DMUK campaign for better car parks

Have you seen DMUK’s latest campaign? It calls for many of the things we have outlined in our petition to government. We support this wholeheartedly! Have a look at the short video starring Helen Dolphin:

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Bay abuse comes in all forms

It isn’t just ignorant people parking in disabled bays. Sadly many companies think it is okay to use this resource as a place to put products.

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Accessible Britain

Just how accessible is your local town? Do you prefer your local High Street to your nearest shopping centre?



The UK’s 12.2 million disabled people make a noticeable contribution to employment and local economies. The Accessible Britain Challenge in aims to encourage shops, businesses and local authorities to work closely with disabled people and their organisations to break down barriers and make services more accessible and inclusive. Continue reading Accessible Britain