Stealth virus for cancer therapy

Viruses have their own genetic material and can infect human cells in a very specific manner. They will then reproduce as directed by their own genes but using the resources of the host cell. These properties make them interesting “gene shuttles” to fight hereditary diseases or cancer. There are innumerable different viruses, but the human adenovirus 5, which normally causes the symptoms of a typical cold, has substantial advantages: Its genome can be replaced completely by an artificial one which contains only “useful” genes. Without any of the viral genes left, the virus can no longer replicate and trigger diseases. In addition, the genome of the adenovirus is very large and does not integrate into human chromosomes.

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Teeny robot is the future of surgery

A tiny caterpillar-inspired robot that can walk, crawl, jump, and even swim, should one day be able to patrol the human body from the inside, according to researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, who describe their work in a Nature paper.

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Bespoke 3D printed wheelchairs a reality

You can have a tailored suit made, bespoke curtains and covers made, even your new car can be tailored to suit your needs, so it seems strange that wheelchairs (to a certain extent) are off the shelf items not ideally designed with the individual in mind.

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Help required

We are currently looking for content providers and writers for our website to join our team of volunteers. If you feel that you can provide regular interesting content we’d love to hear from you whether you are disabled, a carer, or simply want to blog for us. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a few paragraphs can keep folks coming back if they are well written and interesting, so send us a message and let us know!