We’re lobbying government again!

Christmas has gone, a new year has begun and the January blues are over. Time to crack on and kick some virtual and actual butts!

We’ve launched a new petition which we need your assistance with, we need you to champion this just as we shall. Please sign and share the heck out of this, we have ONLY 6 months to get a whopping 100k signatures.

It’s time we had recognition from government as to how important disabled parking bays are to those with limited mobility. So please, work with us, and we’ll smash the 100,000 signatures required by government.

Link to our petition.

Let’s do this!


Politics in a nutshell!


We don’t do politics in our official Facebook Group (or religion) but this amused us enough to want to share it with you.

If you haven’t joined the group, pop over now. We don’t just talk about disabled parking bays, we talk about anything that concerns disabled passengers and drivers. The group is a friendly haven on the internet where all members adhere to a Group Etiquette designed to encourage a healthy friendly atmosphere.