PLEASE sign and share our petition

One of our members, Sheila, shared her upsetting experience with our group members today, and we wanted to share it with you too. It highlights the plight faced by many disabled drivers and passengers, not only here in the UK, but the world over. A selfish, me first, screw you attitude that many people cultivate when behind the wheel of their chosen automobile. This is why we not only need disabled parking bays protected, we also need car parks to be more thoughtfully designed.  Continue reading “PLEASE sign and share our petition”


Chewing gum, worse than any litter!

We all have many things to cope with when embarking on a shopping trip. Disabled people have a few more things than most when navigating the High Street, like other shoppers busy doing their own thing, an abundance of street furniture, bits of litter, but worse of all? Chewing gum.

Continue reading “Chewing gum, worse than any litter!”