Finding peace in a field

For most of us, day to day life with a disability is one of ‘routine’. Not that it is usually possible to keep a routine, by using the word ‘routine’ I mean that day to day the same things tend to happen; you wake up tired or in pain, you have a shower and feel exhausted, you get dressed and need a rest, and so on.

However, this article is not about chronic fatigue, or exhaustion, it is instead about how one goes about the task of gaining some relief from mental fatigue.

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Why the tube strike is good for disabled people

Unless you’ve really been avoiding the news, you’ll know that there was a tube strike this week, and whilst the vast majority of commuters made alternative arrangements and many others took to social media to complain about their lot – for those of us who are wheelchair users it was just another day in paradise. Right?

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Ten really good things to say to a parent with an Autistic child

So, following on from our article we posted yesterday, here are ten really positive things you can say to parents who have a child with autism. Continue reading “Ten really good things to say to a parent with an Autistic child”

Ten things NOT to say to a parent with an autistic child



As parents to two autistic boys we’ve heard some of these and if you are a parent to an autistic child, then you probably have too!

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Disabled spaces are not OAP spaces!

A passionate guest post from one of our Facebook Community Group members, Erin Pritchard

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Carers Week

They do an amazing job, are often unsung heroes, and many of us would have a poorer quality of life without them. It’s two and a half weeks to go until Carers Week 2015!  Continue reading “Carers Week”