Bespoke 3D printed wheelchairs a reality

You can have a tailored suit made, bespoke curtains and covers made, even your new car can be tailored to suit your needs, so it seems strange that wheelchairs (to a certain extent) are off the shelf items not ideally designed with the individual in mind.

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Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations

Good news everybody! One of the most popular map apps on Android and iOS now has an excellent feature: Wheelchair Accessible locations! Continue reading “Google Maps now shows wheelchair accessible locations”

Petition News

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition. Sadly we ran out of time and fell short of the 10,000 needed for a response from the government.
HOWEVER, we are not deterred and have launched a new petition which is live now!

We really need you to work with us and champion this, so please share it with all your friends and followers on social media, working together let’s get this going viral. Tell people why it is important to you, why these bays need protection, and why asking the local authorities or Police just doesn’t work. Explain to people WHY we need this law introduced.

As ever, thank you all for your continued support.

Chris, and the team.

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At last, an activity tracker for wheelchair users!

The market has been flooded in the past few years with all sorts of different activity trackers for fitness buffs. But a company called ‘Chaotic Moon Studios’ has just announced they are testing a prototype for a different kind of activity tracker. It’s called Freewheel, and it is designed for people in wheelchairs. Continue reading “At last, an activity tracker for wheelchair users!”

Travelling the world in a wheelchair

James Ballardie and his girlfriend set out to travel the world by wheelchair. Instead of researching wheelchair access facilities for each destination on their list they simply embrace the local facilities and go with the flow. So far they have been through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, the USA, Japan and South Korea, and to date it’s been remarkably straightforward — until they reached China that is:

Dating, disabilities and a woman

‪#‎dating‬ perspectives from a ‪#‎woman‬ who knows what she wants…

“You can agree, disagree or just enjoy a laugh and some real honesty. “I’m not every man’s cup of tea. I’m an outspoken, assertive, opinionated woman. I have my sweet side, but I expect respect. Everyone should be respected. I give respect, so why should I not get it? Getting back to not being someone’s cup of tea, it’s rarely about the chair. We all have preferences, that’s just part of dating. It’s all about perspective. I don’t understand those people who tell me they’re afraid of rejection. You can only win in the dating game. The person who rejects you wasn’t in your life in the first place, so you aren’t losing anything, plus they must suck anyway. However, you have the potential of adding someone special to your life and, if nothing else, you might gain a friend. In the end, you can only gain a new relationship. See..? It’s all about perspective.”

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Chewing gum, worse than any litter!

We all have many things to cope with when embarking on a shopping trip. Disabled people have a few more things than most when navigating the High Street, like other shoppers busy doing their own thing, an abundance of street furniture, bits of litter, but worse of all? Chewing gum.

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