Thank you for creating this petition, the group and everything! My daughter recommended it and I am so pleased she did.


Marie (Middlesbrough)

I care for many disabled people and I am constantly battling for the simple right to park safely and help them to shop. People are ignorant to an extreme and it has bothered me for years. At last someone has created an environment where carers and the disabled can speak freely (within a set of rules) in a friendly group.

Omar (Birmingham)

Thank you to all involved in creating and maintaining this, you provide a great service to the disabled community.

Grace (Edinburgh)

My son is disabled and I found this movement by chance. I am so glad I did because it is a great place to be free to get great advice from others in the same situation.

Lara (Yeovil)

Because these people are here we have somewhere pleasant to talk over everyday problems. I am very grateful for this and tell everyone about it.

Phil (Canvey Island)

Thank you for doing this. People need to know that disabled people are fed up with being treated like dirt. You’ve given us a sounding board and a community all in one! Well done and thanks, Chris and team.

Sam (Runfold)

What a brilliant movement! The guys and girls who run this community are just fantastic; offering advice and help that is greatly appreciated by all of the disabled community here in the UK. I started by signing the petition and ‘liking’ the page, then I joined the group and haven’t looked back. Thank you to all involved or creating a pleasant place to visit and talk to other like minded people.

Douglas (Eastbourne)

When I discovered that other people were also disgusted with disabled parking abuse and blue badge abuse, well I had to join! Then I discovered that there was so much more to the community and I stuck around. Chris and his team are brilliant and they keep the Group free from trolls and a nice place to be!

James (Burnley)

This community has helped me over and over since it’s inception, whether it be with advice, conversation or in practical ways, I wouldn’t be without it. I am very grateful to Chris and his team of volunteers for all that they do.

Robin (Enfield)